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Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 06:50:20 +1000
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If you look underneath a couch or double bed ensemble you will often find a 
material that looks a lot like tea bag is a uniform open weave 
with lots of fibres rather than threads and comes in a multitude of mute 
colours.It is light....strong... cheap...about $9 US a metre and large...the 
roll is 3 metres wide. It is fantastic for large rear projection and shadow 
screens (as good as a lot of high end rear projection screens) and passable 
good for front projection ( there is a variation called velveteen that is as 
good as most mid priced projection screens but only $14 US per metre!..... 
doesnt work as a rear projection screen though)
I get it from Dragon Image but it is available at most upholstery supply 
Just a thought....


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Subject: [Puptcrit] Shadow screen idea

>I was just at Staples (an office supply chain in the U.S.) and was
> looking at the chair matts... the plastic that you put under your
> rolling office chair to avoid damaging the carpeting.  The cheapest
> ($20) Rubbermaid one was a transparent plastic with a textured
> surface.  It was approximately 4'x5' square (the protrusion that goes
> under the desk looks like it could be cut off easily).  It is
> obviously very tough, and it was possible to roll it up. I held it up
> to the lights, and it seemed to do a reasonably good job at diffusing
> the light source.
> It might be useful as a shadow screen, or perhaps even a rear
> projection screen. It might be especially good for "Black Light
> Shadows" where you use black light in front, and fluorescent "shadow"
> puppets.  (which, of course, aren't really shadow puppets at all, but
> are constructed like them)
> Joe Dunfee
> Gordonville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
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