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Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 16:42:39 EST
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I would be interested to hear from people who they think are the realio
> truelio most fabulous puppet masters alive in the world today - let's  
> keep
> it to counting on only one hand- the 3-5 very very best, whom we must  
> see
> before we die,

In the USA, where is Basil Twist? Also Paul Zaloom, Theodora Skipitares, 
Sandy Spieler (Heart of the Beast), Jon Ludwig, Bobby Box (Center for Puppetry 
Arts)??? I'm not so familiar with the younger crowd.

In the world: Richard Bradshaw shadow, Asep Sunandar rod (wayang golek), 
Minnosuke and Minotaro (Bunraku), Albrecht Roser (marionette) now a master teacher 
who I think won't perform his Gustav show anymore. Salvatore Gatto 
(Pulcinella hand puppets) Paul Vincent-Davis is great American hand puppeteer. Drak 
Theatre of the Czech Republic is my favorite ensemble with the Budapest State 
Theatre on a par with it along with the Moscow State Puppet Theatre.

Picking only three to five from apples and oranges is impossible. Master 
soloists, masters in ensembles, masterful ensembles, for instance. See Eileen 
Blumenthal's new book. She did a great job including most if not all significant 
contemporary puppeteers and companies with some photos and descriptions. The 
field has several masters in each of several different genres including totally 
innovative styles (Dondoro of Japan). Contemporary traditional genres in some 
countries in Asia including Japan, China, India and Indonesia, have quite a 
few masters, wayang kulit for example.

Nancy Staub
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