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Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 19:32:45 GMT
Subject: [Puptcrit] No-one is the greatest puppeteer,

My e-mail service was not working for about 48 hours (a periodic problem in the modern world, reminding us of technology's limits). 

There is nothing wrong with each of us having lists of favorite performers, builders & such. More importnt is to appreciate talent, to preserve information about past greats to clue in those who missed seeing them.

As far as awards go, in every field some are more deserved than others, and if even half are deserved, it is a plus for increasing audiences for talent.

Jim M who thought this a terrible subject for puptcrit may be remembering stories of when Puppeteers of America tried to distinguish "Master Puppeteers" from mere "Puppeteers". It became a big mess.

That was probably the first "lemmings leap" event in PofA. Many organizations experience similar screw-ups, when everybody gets mad at each other instead of working together. It can be harder to give recognition than people realize, but it is still important. So use your own 2 cents wisely.

The New York Times review of David Lynch's new 3 hour less 60 blessed seconds movie, "Inland Empire" (whatever that means) was highly favorable. I went to a press screening and saw a poorly edited, self-indulgent, make-it-up as you film it pile of crap. There was one laugh from the audience (and not a good laugh), and a lot of squirming waiting for the confused work to end. There are humanoid bunnies at the beginning which I thought were donkeys (more appropriate to the ass-inine film).

The other non- NY Times reviews I have seen did not rave. But who knows---maybe someone on puptcrit will love it as much as I thot it "worst movie ever". (I liked earlier Lynch movies)

So it goes with puppet shows and puppeteers and puppet makers---something for every taste. 

I have enjoyed many shows recommended by friends, and not enjoyed some others not recommended by those same friends. While other friends hated something so I knew I'd like it. When you read reviews or LISTS OF GREAT PUPPETEERS you learn to rate the reviewers and the list-makers---it can save time & money.


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