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Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 20:03:45 -0500
Subject: [Puptcrit] Review: Les Triplettes de Belleville

I just saw and heard the STRANGE movie called Les Triplettes de Belleville.
Very weird, very animated, very musical, mostly silent, but with so much happening there is no need for talk.

It is an animated cartoon, not a puppet movie, but I see so much puppet-like qualities in it I'm sure a lot of pupeptfolks will love this work of art.

I won,t spoil anything by talking about the subject, so I will just say what I love about the visuals...

The characters seem to be made completely according to their characters and functions (main puppet quality).
(A cyclist is just an aerodynamic lean stringy creature with muscles for the legs.)

The scenery and vehicules are hallucinatingly distorted, more real than real.
The modern movie effects are blended perfectly with the animated drawings.

The feeling is of old black and white movies, but in a faded color palette, almost post-nuclear in feel.
Lots of dirty greens and yellows.

Watch this movie, if only for the proof that t is possible to go back to simpler efficiencies of the past, without making it boring.

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