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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] the most masterful puppeteers

Some thoughts on lists and awards and most masterful puppeteers-
I like Stephen Kaplin's response, and his list
I enjoy  lists of best 100 movies, best rock albums of all time, etc

Best lists helped to inspire me, to test my growth. Around the age of 30 I
was sure that any critic who left MY favorite artist off a list, was of
course a total idiot

Every January the NY Times offers not one, but 3 lists of the best 10 films
of the year, 3 lists by 3 different critics. I think they have that exactly
right. If a film shows up on 2 or even 3 lists, then it is definitely a film
that should be explored.(the thinking behind the UNIMA citations, runs along
the same lines- if 3 respected people agree on a show, it is a show of
considerable note)
In the mid 70s when Siskel and Ebert (two terrific film critics)  agreed on
some films and offered opposite opinions about  other films, then all
benefited from the dialogue.

A few years back on puptcrit,  I wrote something like this-

At Christmas time, when I was a lad, I would look over toy catalogs
and circle the items that I wanted  from Santa. Most of those
requests were unfulfilled, but I continued to make wish lists. When I
began to read puppetry books and Puppetry Journal, I had a long list of
shows and
artists that I wanted to see:

So puptcritters, in the spirit of the season, to restate Rachel's  question
a different way
What is on your wish list?
If you wanted someone you care about to really understand what it is that
makes you so passionate about puppetry-what shows or artists would you send
them to see? (Its a little like asking- whats on your ipod)

Stephen's list was limited to USA puppeteers but  I would add at least three
"masters" who helped to define the best in puppetry.
It would be hard to overstate the importance of Albrecht Roser (Germany) as
both an artist and teacher.
Richard Bradshaw (Australia) is certainly a master who has inspired others
to explore shadow puppets.
Ronnie Burkett (Canada) has helped to redefine the emotional depth that is
possible in puppet theatre


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> That's a realio complexio questio.
> Lets break it down into catagories. These are my nominations for (US
> only):
> -Best Puppet builders: Michael Curry, Marty Robinson.
> -Best Directors for Puppets and masks (Puppeteer division): Peter
> Schumann, Eric Bass,  Janie Geiser
> -Best Directors for Puppets and masks (non- Puppeteer division): Julie
> Taymor, Lee Breuer, Ping Chong
> -Best Puppet Familes; The Carter clan, The Henson cabal
> -Brainiest Puppeteers: John Bell, Roman Paska
> -Loudest Puppets: Big Nazo
> -Biggest Puppet: Michael Curry's Bird/River thing for the Atlanta
> Olympics
> -Most influential Puppet companies of the last 40 years: Bread and
> Puppet, The Muppets.
> Please feel free to amend or add some more  catagories.
> SKa.
> On Dec 14, 2006, at 2:47 PM, Rachel Anthonisen wrote:
>> I would be interested to hear from people who they think are the realio
>> truelio most fabulous puppet masters alive in the world today - let's
>> keep
>> it to counting on only one hand- the 3-5 very very best, whom we must
>> see
>> before we die,
>> thank you,
>> Rachel
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