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Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 16:51:19 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] resource questions

On Dec 19, 2006, at 3:44 PM, Yvette Edery wrote:

> a bunch of resource questions:
>   1) I just returned from marionette study in Prague and I can't seem 
> to find thick suede unfinished cord, the kind used to make joints, 
> anywhere. Does anyone have any suggestions? anyone who took the puppet 
> workshop there in the past find anything similar here?
   Try a leather shop. Is Tandy Leather still around? Try a better shoe 
repair shop. Try a bigger craft store, sometimes they carry it.

>   2) I need to buy a dremel (I know, I know I should have one already) 
> any suggestions on models and accessories?
   If you are going to use it often you could get one of the cordless 
models (the lack of cord is wonderful), otherwise go corded as the 
battery won't last as long if you only use it every great once in a 
while. Check and see if the power is close to the corded model as well. 
Whatever you get, make sure it is variable speed. You can check out the 
big honking kits as they will come with lots of stuff you can try. 
Often they have loads of stuff you may not think you need (in addition 
to most of the stuff you do need) but are much less expensive than a 
collection of the stuff you do need. And if you get the current 200 pc 
accessory kit it, comes in a storage case that also has a place for 
your tool. Unlike Matthieu I have not found the accessories in them any 
worse (or better) than the regular ones of the same type. This is a 
great time to buy as many of the hardware stores are having Christmas 
sales. Check out Home Depot or Lowes web sites. I think they are also 
offering free shipping for purchases over $50, which an accessory pack 
and new dremel of any model will cost.

>   3) I need a way to hang my chisels. All NYC hardware stores, sears, 
> and home depot have failed me. any suggestions? I cant seem to find 
> the classic wall solution anywhere.
   Peg board and various loop type hangers? Can't believe you can't find 
that in a hardware store. While you are online at the hardware store 
for you dremel, buy your hangers then get your peg board locally. Other 
than that, how about mounting a 1 x 2 with holes drilled in it to 
accommodate the sizes you need? You could also try Sears, they have a 
pretty good assortment of tool hanging stuff.

>   4) What are the DVDs and books which have changed your libraries 
> forever and no puppeteer can be without? I got a barnes and nobles 
> certificate for the holidays and I usually would just log on and buy 
> something right away but this puppet maker needs to be more frugal 
> this year...
   Nothing that I can think of that you would find at B & N, even on 
line. Next time maybe the gift giver will get you a P of A bookstore 
gift certificate. You might have to drop some heavy hints though.

Happy Holidays to you and all the Pupcritters.


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