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Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 10:28:56 +1000
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I agree with Mathieu on the Dremel... However I prefer a Jewellers/Engravers 
drill. A heavy duty electric motor with an infinitley variable foot 
controller and a heavy duty shaft so that Im only holding a fat pencil not a 
bulky unit.......get a flexible shaft for the dremel unless you are working 
1:1 scale.
My preffered bit BY FAR is a selection of random node tungsten Carbide 
tips...will do ANY material from glass to mild steel to brass, plastic and 
wood, comes in different shapes and lasts and lasts. Dremel supply them as 
do engineering shops. A few sanding drums and of course drills. I avoid 
mills etc as the  TC bits are....well....better......faster......

Chisel holders? I cant beleive we are having THIS conversation....a peice of 
2x1...drill two holes the width of the chisel apart and use the CHISEL to 
create the slot for it to sit in....fuse, glue, screw, nail the 2x1 to the 
wall a viola! a chisel holder....has worked for 2,000 odd years.

Not much...well none... tech info but for inspiration and looking good on 
the coffee table is "Theatre of the Impossible"...after 20 years I still 
refer to it.

As a gratuitious plug and for those in Australia..... Woodford Folk Festival 
starts in just 7 days!!!!!! and will of course 
feature tons of puppets from 12cm high to 4 metres high with all sizes in 
between...on the streets, in the venues and of course leading the 
ceremonies...there will be other stuff...folk music, circus, dance, poetry, 
contemporary stuff, workshops..... OK so 130,000 people will fill 22 venues 
to see over 2,000 artists in the middle of the Australian Bush...but the 
puppets will be there! Stay tuned for news about the 2007/08 Woodford Puppet 
Festival to coincide with UNIMA 2008


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