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Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 08:55:35 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] resource questions

This is a great opportunity to bring something up. Yvette was
actually in Prague on an UNIMA-USA scholarship!!!

For those who don't know, UNIMA-USA members are all eligible for
a scholarship we offer to those looking to study abroad. There
are many amazing opportunities to study our craft in other
countries, absorbing that culture while enhancing our love and
understanding of the art of puppetry. Please take a look at
UNIMA-USA's website for more info: 

There's still time! Applications are accepted until 12/31!! You
don't need to have an invitation from where you'd like to study,
just a clear plan as to where you'd like to go and how you plan
to get yourself there. All requirements are listed clearly on
the site, as well as contact info for our scholarship
coordinator, Carol Epstein Levy. You can also feel free to ask
me questions directly, on or off list.

- Gretchen
President, UNIMA-USA
Artistic Director, Drama of Works

--- wrote:

> Hi Yvette:
> Go with Mathieu's idea. Some home supply stores sell wall
> mountable magnetic 
> strips which are designed to take a little weight. They are
> easier on / kinder 
> to, the edges of a chisel. 
> I have to go against (some) European tradition AND my teacher,
> Albrecht Roser 
> (and most likely some on this list) and tell you to NOT use
> leather of any 
> kind for joints. It dries out and gives no warning of an
> imminent break. I was 
> touring with Meridith Bixby once and while operating a
> marionette saw his hand 
> preceed him slightly as he crossed the stage. It was weird and
> laughable at 
> the same time. Meredith used leather strips for his wrist
> joints. 
> I use theatrical 'trick' or 'tie' line. It's a braided cotton
> covered dacron 
> core which stands up amazingly well and will show some wear
> before breaking. 
> Even if the cotton wears through, the core will still hold. 
> I use 1/8" glazed black tie line. I have a huge spool with
> yards of it here 
> if you'd like me to send you some.
> I also may be able to shed some light on other marionette
> joint construction 
> possibilities. We can talk   after the Holidays. OK?
> I need to think about books. So many have helped but I learned
> mostly by 
> watching or participating in a few classes, and much by
> experimenting on my own.
> Happy Holidays!
> Fred T.
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