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I have seen the DVD a few times, lent to me from a friend.
Sure, Young makes the process clear and easy to follow, which is always a 
good thing to encourage people to try, as this is the very first step to 

However, there is not much troubleshooting included, so it would become 
quite difficult for a begginner if they encounter any of the common problems 
that come with using latex, making molds, painting latex, and the rest of 
the precise steps.
For instance, she uses contact cement and the can is left open most of the 
time, without any warning about the fumes (if memory serves). The contact 
cement seems to glue isntantly, without letting each piece dry separately. 
There is no indication about how to avoid air bubbles in the plaster...

So, I DO reccomend this DVD, it opened my eyes to many wonderful simple 
steps, but please do your research into the various steps, or better yet, 
get someone's help if you have any trouble along the way.

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> For anyone who does not have Noreen Young's DVD "How to Make Lifelike 
> Puppets", it is a truly inspiring DVD. She explains and demonstrates in an 
> easy to understand way how to make latex faced hand and rod puppets. She 
> covers everything from modeling the head right through casting, making the 
> body to manipulation and making a simple stage.
> She seem as though she was directly across the table from you at a 
> seminar.
> It can be obtained directly from her at
> After many years of Plastic Wood and Celastic methods, her DVD has taken 
> me in a whole new direction.
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