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 I saw Daneil Llords in NY. .I think he would be turning 80 this year. Here 
is a little profile I wrote a few years back mostly assembled from 
information in Puppetry Journal

Daniel Llords

Known as Llords "International" concert theatre for adults, this polished; 
solo marionette performer completed at least 4 world tours. He built and 
costumed over 900 marionettes. As a child, Daniel performed as a concert 
pianist. As a young teenager he sang and acted in 23 films. He had a 
permanent puppet theatre from 1959-1962 on Cannery Row in Monterey, 
California. In 1962 he began his first world tour. In 1968 he created his 
first longer work to Stravinsky's Firebird. Using music by Mozart, 
Offenbach, and others this splendid showman captured audiences with puppets, 
musicianship, and his glamorous stage persona.  Daniel Llords served as 
President of Puppeteers of America from 1967-1969. From 1969-1981, his 
column, "International Notebook," was a regular feature in Puppetry Journal. 
After many years on the road and in Hollywood, Daniel Llords moved to Ohio 
in 1982.

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> Reading about Sid Krofft made me think about Daniel Llords (Llords
> International) who used to play concert halls with his puppets
> accompanied by a full orchestra.
> I saw him twice in the UK, once at a puppet festival in North Wales
> where I got to know him and once at a theatre in London.
> What happened to him? I should be interested to know.
> John Dudley
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