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Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 22:32:03 -0500
Subject: [Puptcrit] Opportunity for theatre artists

Dear Puptfolks,

This just came from our good friends at Bond Street Theater. Anyone out 
out there looking for a truly adventurous performative experience 
should call them up.


Dear Friends,

  Bond Street Theatre is looking for motivated theatre artists to join 
the Bond Street team on upcoming projects in India and Afghanistan and 
elsewhere.=A0 We are asking for replies from experienced professionals 
committed to the performing arts and arts education who want to hone 
their theatre skills in humanitarian arts outreach and cross border 

  We are looking for artists with experience in physically-based 
performance techniques and ensemble training, a history of teaching 
children and adults, and a creative and cooperative approach to problem 
solving and group management.=A0 Forum theatre or other social theatre 
training is particularly valuable.=A0 Circus arts, dance and musical 
abilities are always a plus.=A0 A flexible attitude for unpredictable 
travel conditions is absolutely necessary, as Bond Street works in some 
of the poorest regions in the world.=A0 Skill development is a large part 
of the process, but one must come prepared to offer innovative and 
enthusiastic ideas for workshops and training, and be prepared to lead 
workshops for adults and children.

  Our next project will be in northern India from early February to 
early April 2007, a commitment of 2 months, for our cross border 
initiative called the US-Afghan-India Arts Exchange on International 

  With our Afghan partners, Exile Theatre, you will be working as an 
integral team member in the development and implementation of 
performances and workshops for youth and trainers. The Bond Street 
Theatre team will also help initiate the South Asian Social Theatre 
Institute, a cooperative project with UNICEF.=A0 This is a paid project.=A0 
Bond Street Theatre provides all travel costs and a weekly salary 
commensurate with experience.

  We at Bond Street Theatre are on a constant search to find imaginative 
alternatives to conflict, and believe that participation in the arts in 
critical regions globally (including the US) encourages teamwork and 
self-agency, and develops important life skills that can help future 
generations become active global citizens.

  Please send a letter of interest with resume/photo to Please feel free to forward to those you think would 
be good for this project.=A0 We look forward to talking to you more about 
the project!
  Warmest regards from,
  Bond Street Theatre

  2 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012
  212-254-4614 tel
  212-460-9378 fax =A0 =A0
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