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Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006 09:21:45 -0600
Subject: [Puptcrit] Shameless Self-Promotion

Granted, off topic, but please lend me a hand, or a click, or several 
clicks & forwards!?

WE ARE On the YouTube!

Dear Puptcritters, Artists, Art Lovers & Freinds,

If you would, take 00:01:29:00 (1 min 29 sec) out of you life and help 
us win a contest.
This video is on YouTube and is to promote the Hotcakes Gallery in 
RiverWest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The people running the contest are 
choosing the winner on one basis only... the number of hits.

We were late to the contest.  To make matters worse, some "clever" 
entrants used "language" in their title that attracts some viewers, who 
may not be not art lovers... they are up to 17,000 hits!
You can see our dilemma.
We need as many hits as possible as fast as possible... we only have 
one month.

So... If you would be so kind,  view this video as many times as you 
can, ad infinatum. Pass it onto your friends and ask them to do the 
same, and their friends, and theirs... You get the idea. Watch the hit 
count rise!

Plus it is funny, satirical, actually about art, filled with talented, 
interesting performers, mad by real filmmakers. Oh, and yes, That is 
me, center of the frame, in my first post heart attack performance!

Help make us FIM (Famous in Milwaukee and/or Madison) AND WAY BEYOND!

You can watch it again and again and again.
It is more fun than watching the Famous Calatrava Art Museum Building 
or The baseball's Miller Park open and close,
and was much more economically created.

(and, as GWB says, It is on THE INTERNETS)

It is a Holiday Treat! Michael Richards, Mel Gibson and Donal Rumsfeld 
do not appear in this video!
No Animals were injured in the making of this video.
The Hotcakes used in this video contained no transfats! (Okay, not sure 
about the butter & syrup, but only one actor actually got to taste them 
- and we were all hungry!) We suffered for our art!

Thanks for your assistance!

the artist once known as
Michael John Moynihan
(producer of the puppet video, TAKE A CHANCE,
and the tabletop show, TOBACCOSAUERUS REX! )
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

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