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To: "Worldvents" <>,
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006 21:43:33 +0530
Subject: [Puptcrit] My residence Address has Changed & Happy Xmas etc

Hi Everybody,

I am shifting to my new residence here in BOMBAY, INDIA.I am leaving my house and going for a bigger house.I am also be having a separate flat for puppets and puppet making.

My new postal address is 

Ramdas Padhye 
Shivneri CHS Ltd,
Flat B / 601 & 602, 'B' Wing,
Plot No 216, 
Near Vidya  Bhavan School, 
Nath Pai Nagar,
Ghatkopar(East) Mumbai - 400077

Of course nobody needs a postal address nowadays.This just to update you all.

Right now I m doing a very big "Direct Marketing Campaign" for Pepsodent Toothpaste.They will be doing shows across different states in INDIA.So I m desiging 24 SETS(ONE SET includes 3 puppets and 1 Puppet Stage).I have finished them in a record time of 20 days.Just imagine designing 24 X 3 = 72 puppets, cutting their mouths, ears, eye-lids etc.But everything has come out really well.The client is extremely happy.I also have a very good project coming up where I will be designing the PUPPET sequence from "SOUND OF MUSIC".There is a big exhibition in India and they will be creating different landscapes of Europe and other entertainers.They are also calling other artistes from Europe.

I am also busy with other projects and shows.So I didn't have much time to contribute to the list.I am really sorry for it.I tried to read some emails on the list.

Rest is fine.HAPPY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY 2007 to all the VENTRILOQUISTS, PUPPETEERS and PUPPET MAKERS on the list.I will not have access to my computer for 1 week as I am shifting to new place.I wish everybody a VENTRILOQUIAL and PUPPETUAL NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU.

Your Vent Brother from INDIA
Ramdas Padhye.
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