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Thanks for the suggestions, Will,

I have joined two choirs in the past.
I left the first because there was no discipline or organisation whatsoever.

The first choir was fun at first, quite and adventure in the unexpected 
My girlfriend and I had joined together, thinking it would be like the 
gospel choirs you see on TV.
But we found out this gospel choir was more gentle, completely different 
approach. The definition of Gospel, we were told by the pastor "directing" 
it, was "word of God", so any singing group singing about religion can be 
called gospel.  We were not religious at all, and we told the pastor this, 
but as long as we loved singing and wanted to make people feel better 
through music, we were more than welcome.  We learned songs in Kicongo, 
swahili, zulu, English and French.
It was fun, many wonderful voices, but then there was no real organisation 
on the part of the pastor. Members showed up once in a while, only if they 
felt like it, so how could we practice as a whole?  One time, we were asked, 
last minute, to sing at a funeral. 6 people volunteered. Only three of us 
showed up. It was very intimidating,  but we did a good job.
Another time, again last minute, only two of us showed up, so the pastor's 
wife, after years of not singing in public, joined us to help. We sang in 
front of a huge multifaith church congregation of about 100 people. The 
pastor changed his song selection and order without warning us, so we messed 
up a bit our startups during the show. Thank goodness the acoustics were at 
our advantage in that church. Still, it was fun, if a bit traumatising.
LoL. Another time my girlfriend and I were practicing a song on the bus, and 
two ladies approached us, happily startled as if they had seen an 
apparition. We were singing in their native language (Kicongo), two white 
kids, there in Montreal!

The second choir I joined was great, there was discipline, organisation and 
lots of fun.
the voices were amazing together, the people were wonderful. I finished one 
season with them,
but couldn't come back the next one, because I felt the need to concentrate 
even more on puppetmaking. Turns out I was right, the whole year I was 
booked with puppet and mask projects.
I will re-join it someday. It was great. The choirmaster hired singing 
teachers and coaches, partly out of his own pocket, to improve our 
individual qualities so the whole group could benefit.
That's where I met the voice coach I'd like to work with.

I reccomend anyone with a singing voice to join a choir, the experiences are 

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