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Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006 14:50:15 -0600
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] George Latshaw

I first met George at a PofA fest -- I don't remember which. "So this 
is Diane Rains," he said, and gave me a huge hug as if we were old 
friends. And soon we were. George was all about friendships. He was 
like a goodwill farmer, sowing acres of good cheer, upon which lavish 
crops of penpals sprouted. I loved his cards and letters; there never 
was a more eccentric, wittier correspondent! Early on George learned 
that I'm a chocoholic, so "Dear Diane" became "Dear Chocolate Slave" or 
"Dear Fudge Funster," and his signature "Chocolateshaw." Here in my 
"George Collection" is a postcard (marking a Hawaiian vacation that Stu 
and I took) that begins "Dear Cabana Anna and Hula Boola. Aloha hula 
hula and goodbye. Were the beaches lovely? Did you sip coconut milk 
through chocolate straws?"

As I look through these little paper treasures that I have from George, 
what can I say of him, now that he's gone? He was an uncommon man. An 
uncommonly talented puppeteer, editor, writer. Uncommonly clever. 
Uncommonly giving. An uncommonly wonderful friend.

I lost touch with George in recent years. Changes and challenges just 
made my life hectic, and I let our correspondence slip. I regret that, 
of course. 

Just as I know George felt the love of his family, I hope, at the end, 
he also felt the love of all the friends he made throughout his 
remarkable life. He must have; collectively, the friends of George are 
a rather large part of the universe.

And all of you out there who have lost touch with someone special: get 
on the phone, or send an e-mail, or write a clever post card right this 
minute, and tell that person how uncommonly much you care.

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