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Thanks Steven
Thats a great article
Of course it mostly covers the TV work which brought the Kroffts to a much 
wider audience

Before the TV work the Kroffts employed a lot of puppeteers.
It would be fun to see a list of Krofft alumni
Tony Urbano built a lot of the puppets for the Seattle Worlds Fair show
I think Alan Cook is an alumni
Alan, could you fill us in on Krofft alumni?

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> I love the 1948 pub photo of Sid working the tandem marionettes. It was a
> real treat that the web site allows you to enlarge it. Anyway, you are 
> welcome.
> Enjoy!
>     -Steven->
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> Thanks  Steven, for hooking us up with this fascinating article.
> I love hearing  about puppet history and its makers.
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