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Regarding the Victorian shadow shows, Mr Hill may have been talking 
simply about shadows made with a person's hands: here's a butterfly, 
here's a dog, here's Abe Lincoln's profile.  I did have a book of such 
manipulations at one time, and Dover Books might be a place to look for 
a reprint of the text.  (Dover or even the online Project Gutenberg.)

But maybe he's talking about Chinese shadow shows that hit the streets 
of Victorian London, or the so-called Galanty shows.  Are there more 
specifics on what he has in mind?

Sean K.

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Subject: [Puptcrit] toy theater

   Hello all,

I was recently contacted by a gentleman in Cleveland Ohio who says he
has a Punch puppet from the 1870's and a turn of the century toy
theater.  He would like to get some input on them, i.e. information if
possible, and also some sort of value.  He gave me permission to give
out his name and number to anyone who might be in his area to contact
him.  I thought putting it here would be easiest.  His name is Arthur
Genecco and his number is 419-499-4498.

Also, there is a local 5th grade teacher who wants to use "Victorian
shadows" as a teaching tool.  I asked if he meant "toy theater" and he
said it was like that but done with shadows and in the home.  If anyone
knows what he is talking about and can lead him to someplace that he can
get information on them, please contact Jim Hill at 404-358-0793 or

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