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Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 08:46:11 -0800
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] George Latshaw video history

Bob where can we see this video of George?  Fantastic!


At 06:11 AM 12/24/2006, wrote:
>Shortly after George & Pat moved to Florida from Ohio, my wife Elise and I
>had the good fortune to do a video history with 
>George.   Elise interviewed him
>and I was the videographer.   We spent several hours documenting his amazing
>career.   He described how, as a young man, he had this huge crush on actress
>Leslie Caron.   Then, one day not far in the 
>future, there she was, just on the
>other side of the scrim, looking at him with her angelic face as he
>manipulated the puppet.   George said it was 
>very surreal.   This video is now in the
>possession of the Puppeteers of America video 
>library.   I don't believe it has
>been edited yet, but hopefully, one day soon, it will be available for any P
>of A members to view.
>My wife and I have done 12 or 13 video histories during the past few years,
>among them Luman Coad, Terry Snyder, Pady 
>Blackwood, Lenny Suib (now deceased),
>Carl Harmes (now deceased) and Doug and Gayle Anderson (Gayle recently passed
>away as well).   This past week, the world has lost George Latshaw and Fran
>Dowie.   I would encourage you to document   the histories of renowned
>puppeteers in your areas, while they are still 
>among us, so that future generations of
>puppeteers (or just puppet enthusiasts) can appreciate and learn what came
>before them.
>All the best to all of you
>Bob & Elise
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