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Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 23:13:58 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Seeking Punch puppeteers in Los Angeles

Sean, without knowing the specifics of your Jim Henson Foundation grant 
project, I was intrigued by the name alone!  It looks like there will 
be a few new P&J shows out there soon, as I got a grant from the 
Foundation myself to create more Polichinelle shows.  I would love to 
see your show as it develops!

As for P&J profs in California, it is a shame that Steve Hansen has 
moved on to Canada, because he was supposed to be great.  Brian 
Patterson is in California, but may not be near LA.  He is also 
supposed to be very funny, and his YouTube video shows a bit of a dark 
side. (Though still a comic side!)  It really might help you to check 
out my database of Punch people and current performances at:

but the database is by no means complete, as Rogue isn't even on it!  
(It will be soon.)  Most of the profs on the site are hyperlinked 
(through their names, bold and underlined) to their webstes.  Can you 
imagine what a Victorian P&J professor would make of such a development?

I'm in New York, but I try to know what goes on with different 
professors and Mr Punch himself, especially in this part of the world.  
Please let me know if you have any updates.


Sean K.

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Subject: [Puptcrit] Seeking Punch puppeteers in Los Angeles

   Greetings All,

Happy Holidays!

My theater company, Rogue Artists Ensemble ( is
preparing to embark on a an adaption of the graphic novel, "Mr. Punch" 
Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. The project will combine puppets, masks,
digital media and is scheduled to open in April 07.  Mr. Punch" focuses 
on a
Punch and Judy performer at a sea side arcade in Britain in the 50's 
and I'm
wondering if you, or anyone you know is a Punch professor located in 
the Los
Angeles area?  Ideally it would be fantastic to find someone interested 
the project to either be an actor in the piece, perform as a puppeteer, 
even assist in a directing capacity.  So much of the success of the show
hinges on finding a really fantastic Punch Professor able to manipulate 
the puppets, but also act opposite the other characters.

More info:

To celebrate Rogue Artists Ensemble's 5th Anniversary we will be 
an original adaptation of the famed graphic novel Mr. Punch by the 
author /
illustrator team of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. Brought to life by the
Rogue's in Hyper-theater, this project will feature a dizzying array of
visual elements to allow the audience to feel as if they have stepped 
into a
graphic novel.

Originally published in 1995 and centered on a Punch and Judy performer 
at a
sea side arcade and is a twisted tale of murder that explores the 
nature of memory. Mr. Punch is a dark fable about the innocence of 
and the pain of adulthood.

Both Gaiman and McKean have created many best selling pieces of 
comics, graphic novels and children's books, in addition to the recent
Henson Film's production of Mirrormask.

More information about this project is located here -

As Usual,
Sean T. Cawelti
Rogue Artists Ensemble - Artistic Director
:::cell::: 949.413.4523
:::office::: 562.426.7275
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just take longer to get back."
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