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Hi all
This show aired  on the Discovery High Defintion channel ( a friend played 
it for me)
It will be on again tomorrow Dec 9.

Discovery HD Theater :: Episode :: France : Marionnette Theater
free newsletter. site search, On Air (et): DEC 09 2006 -AT- 08:00 PM. DEC 09 
2006 -AT- 11:00 PM. DHD - Fantastic Festivals of the World. France - 
Marionnette Theater. ...

Episode 2:  Festival des Marionettes, Charlevile-Mezeries, France

The art of puppet theatre is celebrated at a dedicated festival in the 
French town of Charleville-Mezieres. The festival was started in World War 
Two by local youth who wanted to make children laugh during those hard 
times. Today, visitors fill the streets of this friendly town to meet the 
world's best puppeteers.

"It's the Mecca of the puppet world. Every puppeteer has to come here at 
least once in their lifetime," says Eric Bass, a festival performer.

The Festivals program visits this 17th century town located in the heart of 
the Champagne-Ardennes region of France. Puppets come in all shapes and 
sizes at this festival. Some shows are designed to criticize, some to steer 
emotions, others to simply entertain and of course to make audience 
nostalgic for their childhood memories. Performers from all over the world 
show their craft in the city's narrow streets, in the beautiful main square, 
along the river bank and inside traditional theaters.

Off the Beaten Path:  The Festivals program finds a medieval city named 
Troyes that looks just the same as it did 800 years ago. In Reims, a visit 
to underground cellars of Champagne maker Madame Pomery, and the impressive 
Cathedral where Joan of Arc was present along with France's kings.  They are 
still picking pinot noir in the Drappier vineyards when the crew arrives. 
Two up and coming Michelin one star restaurants and their young chefs are 

Special Thanks to the Champagne Ardennes Regional Tourism Board and Air 

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