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Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 12:26:47 -0600
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Ken Feit Request.

I saw Ken many times, but rarely with an audience. More often than not 
it was just he & I or he and a couple of us. many times we were having 
other convesations and he would ask if he could show something he was 
working on (when he had his old little cardboard suitcase that he 
basically live out of). We lived in the same space in Milwaukee for a 
while. When he was out of town, which was usually, it was my tiny room. 
When he came back into town it became his, and I would sleep in one of 
the many little loft like spaces in the owner designed house of our 
friend and mentor insui.

I also met up with him on a trip to Berkeley, SanFran & Oakland . he 
introduced me to many of his friends in the three cities, who were all 
almost as interesting, brilliant, creative, individualistic and 
talented as he was.

My 60 year old brain now mixes much of his story 
telling/puppetry/poetry/dance together into one patchwork quilt of Ken. 
The freeing of the water from ice cube form, the origami characters, 
the soda straw music, the no/Noh string bass player, so many, many 
inventions of narrative. And then was the usual: hey, this is something 
you guys should do. After his death we actually did a show inspired and 
dedicated to him that we entitled SMALL MIRACLES.

You probably already found these images:

On Dec 6, 2006, at 10:08 PM, Stephen Kaplin wrote:

> Hello again,
>   I am repeating a request to all elder pupt critters, asking if anyone
> has seen a performance by the master storyteller, holy fool, Ken Feit.
> He died in 1981. If you have- please send me a short description of
> what you saw. This is for an article for the next Puppetry
> International on micro-theater.
> Also-- I am still looking for photos of Ken in action.
> Thanks in advance.

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