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I believe there is footage of Sherri Lewis performing a humanette for television in the documentary film The American Puppet (available on video).


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I had the pleasure of reviewing for the next issue of Animations Online the recent London appearance of the experimental theatre lab of Moscow's School of Dramatic Art under the direction of Dmitry Krymov, and have become inspired thereby to include humanettes in my undergraduate puppetry course.

The problem is, there doesn't seem to be much, if any, available literature on humanettes. 

Marjorie Batcheler (in Rod-Puppets and the Human Theatre) cites Ernest Sewell's _Marionettes in the making and manipulation_ (London: London Magic circle, c1910), but Sewell's short book is not available via interlibrary loan, and is not held by any libraries in the UK. 

Can anyone point me to literature that is available on humanettes? At this point, it could be ANYTHING-- technical (how to make), historical, theoretical.

Also, are there any videos of humanettes to look at? I know about the Triplets number of The Band Wagon. What else?


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