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Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 10:54:07 -0500
Subject: [Puptcrit] apologizes for the junk mail to the list!

Hello all ,

The real Heather Henson is writing again to apologize for all the  
recycled puppetcrit mail that my computer is sending to this list  
without my knowledge. I see that about 6 emails have been sent to  
this list since Dec 16.   My computer is sending out emails as if  
from me that I have gotten from this list.  I am going to the Mac  
Store today and will try to fix this problem.... sorry for the  
confusing pseudo emails from me.

I sound pretty cocky if one thinks I wrote the note below that Fred  
wrote referencing me....
I will try to fix this problem now... but on a positive note, this  
has cracked my hesitancy to write into this list.

Happy New Year All,

Heather Henson

On Jan 6, 2007, at 7:30 PM, Heather Henson wrote:

> Hi Terri and Mathieu:
> Seems to me that you, Terri, have excellent taste in whom you chose  
> to, OR to
> not 'impersonate.'
> Heather is someone worthy of impersonation.
> And while it might be nice to think about 'being' Heather, even for  
> a brief
> time, the energy and talent necessary to pull off such a 'switch'  
> would, in my
> case, be lacking.   Hmmmmm. I wonder if there is material here for  
> a film?
> 'BEING HEATHER HENSON.'   I wonder if Phillip Huber might be  
> willing to work on
> this one?
> All silliness aside, I am concerned. This simple case of email name
> duplication raises a question about email name security.   When I  
> read 'INKBOSH" I
> immediately thought 'Heather.' even the Earthlink part is right.    
> Sometimes I
> receive email from 'myself' which I didn't send. Very curious. So I  
> can't imagine
> how Terri managed to use Heather's email name. Maybe it's a problem  
> with
> Earthlink? Go figure.
> Either way, Terri, you are now, MORE famous that you thought....
> All the Best.
> Happy Holidays.
> Fred Thompson
>> I repeat I am not Heather Henson. I apologize to any Heather  
>> Henson's I
>> may have unknowingly and without malice impersonated now and at  
>> any time
>> in the past. :). If they feel the need to unknowingly and without  
>> malice
>> impersonate me in the future then so be it!  I obviously owe them  
>> one.
>> Almost famous in Ellettsville...
>> Terri Klingelhoefer
>> Primary Player
>> Klingel-Engel Puppets
>> 7251 West State Rd 46
>> Ellettsville IN 47429
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