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Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 02:03:22 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Kasou Taishou


I'm somewhat familiar with the show (I first heard about it when "Matrix
Ping Pong" hit the web a few years ago) but I am wondering if all the
sketches on the show are Bunraku puppetry, or is it just most of them?

Also, if anyone is having trouble viewing the Kasou Taishou web site it's
probably because you need to view it in Internet Explorer.

- Andrew

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> On May 17, 2007, at 1:25 AM, Andrew wrote:
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> > I blogged about a Japanese video today at
> >
> > puppet-dance.htmlthat
> > has a lot of technical mistakes in it, but is still a whole lot of
> > fun...
> Thanks Andrew.
> For those who couldn't make that link work, just delete the "that"
> from the end of the link and enjoy.
> Or see the skeleton clip and more like it at
> results?search_query=Kasou+Taishou&search=Search
> The same results come up if you got to youtube and search "Kasou
> Taishou". That's the name of the bianual tv show that brought us
> "Matrix Ping Pong" and so many other amazing illusion-based skits.
> Similar to "Ping Pong" in style and hilarity is one on that page
> called "The Reason She Got Mad At Me".
> The blog link correctly identifies Morning Musume, the group that did
> the skeleton dance, as a massively popular adolescent idol sing/dance
> pop group, big biz pro. But virtually all of the other Kasou Taishou
> performers are consummate amateurs. Families, school classes, office
> buddies, etc.
>   The most recent Kasou Taishou was on tv last week. I've been
> haunting their website, waiting for them to post the most recent
> winners, so I could send the link here. Those are still not up on the
> official site, (pirates apparently beat them to it on youtube), but
> clips of older skits are there:
> -Grego

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