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Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 23:55:55 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Our Puppet Movie (marionettes)

No, a puppeteer must learn to control a marionette
through the finesse of their capacity to maintain the
correct tension in the strings, not adding more
strings. The back string goes from the control to the
middle of the back and it allows the puppet to bend
over! There are also shoulder strings which allow the
neck to come forward or the shoulders to hunch. Lovely

Currently, I am one of the lead puppeteers in Basil
Twist's new show Behind the Lid opening June 3rd in
NYC and I am designing a control for the marionette in
the performance. It is 2 parts, separate hand piece
and head piece. The knees and wrists are attached by a
string and two fingers on both hands are attached by
crossing strings to the other hands. That way, when
the hand bar is tilted back and forth the hands move
like jazz hands and when the bar is pulled up, his
arms raise and his knees move out laterally in a plie
motion. The script calls for an "electric boogaloo"
dance. So I am giving him this Fosse appeal. the 2
hand/finger strings are going to attach to the control
one of two ways, either one hand on a bar and the
other set going through a lever, or both going through
a lever and a bar pulling them up from the top through
the holes. The benefit of the first is it saves space,
the benefit of the second is that it will be easily
dropable without showing. I am building it this week
and am really liking the puppet already. His little
suit is to die for. 


--- Mathieu René <> wrote:

> FAcinating stories and insight, Yvette!
> Keep them coming!
> What is a backstring?
> Are you refering to the string that attaches to the
> back to keep the puppet 
> more steady when rotating?
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