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Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 21:39:21 +0530
Subject: [Puptcrit] Politican And the Puppet Video - INDIA

Hi Everybody,

I am Satyajit Padhye, son of Ramdas Padhye.I have recently done a show for INDIA's FIRST on-line T.V. channel called "".It is similar to youtube, but the content is specially generated and shot.The name of the show is "A Beautiful Mind" where I play a typical Indian Politician who is illiterate and the puppet is my alter ego.It's very unique concept whereby the puppet speaks what is going on inside the mind of the politician.Pls watch the video Some of you may like it, some of you may not like it.But pls comment on the video or reply to me on .I have tried to do something different.You can also put the video on your blog my the videolink feature.This is my first show which I m doing on my own.

Satyajit Padhye. 
P.S : You can find info about me on
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