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Dear Puptcrit Colleagues,
  I am forwarding below Tony De Nonno's message about the availability of his great documentary of the Manteo family on dvd.  It's One Family: Knock on Wood is a quite great film about Sicilian puppet traditions in the United States, and I would urge everyone to see it.  It's cool!!

john bell


Here is wonderful news-I finally completed transferring Its One Family: Knock on Wood  to DVD.  Please download and see this impressive DVD cover which we just competed for it -- see attached.  The reviewer in -NEWSDAY at the time of it PBS Network Premier broadcast characterized my documentary as  "... a charming portrait of a Sicilian family in Brooklyn whose life work is creating life-size marionettes in the style of the Middle Ages.  Producer Tony De Nonno has created a gentle old-fashioned film, a look into lives rooted in the Italian Renaissance"--And oh, the caring, the tender respect for craft in this family."  

More wonderful news-- Its One Family: Knock on Wood  as well as my entire catalog of award-winning PBS/Educational documentary films, are now available on DVD for the Puppeteers of America Print/DVD Collection and for universities, colleges and puppet organizations across America for the incredible price of only $ 50.  

That is a 50% discount off my current catalog price and it includes "Public Performance Rights."  I will send you a copy for the very special price we discussed.

Please take special note of the multiple curriculum applications that this DVD's possesses. Many thanks for sharing/forwarding this wonderful offer and DVD Cover to other colleges and universities and puppet organizations you know across America and around the world.

Rest assured that this documentary which has been seen by millions of Americans and screened/acquired at hundreds of universities and colleges worldwide will be heartwarming to our present and future generation for years to come.   More wonderful news- within the last two weeks Stony Brook University, Queens College, St. Johns, Memphis University to name a few, have purchased DVD of this documentary and several of my prized PBS Network films which have been enlightening and inspiring to students and people of all backgrounds and ages.

I am looking forward to receiving purchase orders from the Sandglass Theater which will insure that our future generation will be inspired by this award-winning PBS/educational documentary for many years to come.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Thanks a million for your time, consideration and support of my filmmaking vision. If I can be there for you, rest assured you can call on me at any time... 

Warmest wishes to you and everyone at the Sandglass Theater for a radiant, healthy and prosperous summer filled with many accomplishments and celebrations- as always,


Tony De Nonno
Producer-Writer-Director & President
De Nonno Productions, Inc.
7119 Shore Road Suite 6F
Brooklyn, NY 11209
Ph/Fax 1-718 745-3937
Cell 1-917 304 6610

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