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To: <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 21:58:17 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] Edith Piaf puppet

Hi Amy,

Can you tell us what type of puppet you are looking for?

You have choices:

-find a puppet that is already made, with luck. If well done, since it's of 
a celebrity, it can sometimes cost a bundle, as a collectors' item.

-hire a puppetmaker to make it for you. There are so many makers (with 
various levels of skills) around the world that you should be able to find 
someone willing to do it for the price you offer. You may want to encourage 
a young promising artist in your area, if you have the patience to wait for 
a little learning curb. That's how I got my first puppet contract, 7 years 
ago. A company trusted me, and that kick started my career and reputation.

I am currently making caricature puppets for an internet-based venture, and 
enjoy this type of three dimensional interpretation more and more. I would 
be thrilled to have the opportunity to make an Edit Piaf puppet. Interesting 
sad face.

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