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Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 19:23:26 -0400
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Thank you dear!

I made some of those on commission, others were done
experimenting with different techniques, but mostly,
like you said, I can't stick to expressing myself in
only one way, I don't feel only one way or see so for
that matter. I used to make wire sculptures with
crystals in them, I stopped because I had to dedicate
myself to one or the other if I was going to master
either someday (getting your fine art into a gallery
in NY is actually harder than being a puppeteer, I
think. I have never paid anyone to let me puppeteer
for them, but I have seen galleries in Chelsea that
will put your work in a corner if you give them 2
grand).  I still make the sculptures once in a blue
moon but I have extended that same excess creative
energy into the puppetry. There is pressure to "have a
style" or make things all the same way, but you can
look at those pictures and see, there is a common
style, a thread that is clear and present, a voice. To
limit your art is to limit yourself and there is no
pressure that is worth that price, who cares who made
that rule. If you can build it, it is fun, it fulfills
you in that time and it still comes out looking like,
"I made that." then, that is your style. And it is
inimitable and lovely because it came from inside you.
A body of work is helpful in giving ample opportunity
to pick up on the subtleties. I like blacks and
whites, accent colors, bold choices, simple shapes,
soft lines. I focus on the eyes, I love real hair.
Most of it has a fantasy or creaturesque element. It
is a world of dreams, filled with sensitivity and
light inside deep darkness. It is vulnerable and
feminine, but sassy and joyous. Essentially,
everything I express.

here is the last wire sculpture I made. It was for my
brother who just bought his first home. it is called
Foundation. My hope is his home will have a strong


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--- Mathieu René <> wrote:

>  Great sharing, Yvette.
>  It is very encouraging to see such variety of styles
>  and materials from the
>  same creator.
>  Life IS variety, and I think true Artists understand
>  that instinctively.
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