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Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 15:21:29 -0400
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Subject: [Puptcrit] 70th Anniversary

Puppeteers of America is 70 years old
I cant wait to see lots of shows and lots of friends at the Puppet Rampage.

Take a look at the festival line-ups for 1997, 87, 77, 67, 57, 47, 37
A proud record of accomplishment

*1997 **Toledo** **OH**-Joyce&Chuck Berty with Michael Nelson*

George Latshaw

Perry Alley (Andrew and Bonnie Periale

Miniature Theatre Aotent (Japan)

Papilu (Slovenia)

Paul Mesner

Titeretes & Puro Teatro(Mexico & San Diego)

Tanglewood (Peter Schaefer & Anne Ware)

Eulenspiegel(Monica Leo & Ten Breitbach)

Eric Bass

Grey Seal(Drew Allison)

Paul Vincent-Davis

Larry Hunt (masks)

Bobby Box

Jane Henson(talk)

Betsy Tobin

Puppet Co (Christopher Piper & Allan Stevens)

Titirjeros de Binefar (Spain)

David Simpich

Preston Foerder

Hobey Ford


Carter Family

Magical Moonshine (Michael & Valerie Nelson)

Crabgrass (Bonnie Hall & Jamie Keithline)

*26 shows*

* *

*1987 **Cincinnati** **OH**(**Kentucky**)Kathy Piper-50th Anniversary*

Todd Stockman

Bob Jones

Pady Blackwoods

Grey Seal (Drew Allison & Donald Devet)

Larry Reed


Poobley Greeqy (Len Gerwick)

Center for Puppetry Arts, Atlanta

Mum Puppettheatre

Coad Canada Canada


Tltres Animcion (Mexico)

Bennington (Cedric Flowers)

Poko Puppets (Larry Engler)

David Syrotiak

Lanelle Rice

Cabaret:Paul Mesner,Paul Vincent-Davis

*16 shows*

Visit to Venthaven Museum

Charter members attending: Marjorie Batchelder McPharlin, Margo Rose, Doug
and Gayle Anderson, Ed Johnson

*1977 San Luis Obispo CA-Gayle Schluter*



Puppetmongers Powell(Canada)

Monestier France)

David Syrotiak

Paul Vincent-Davis

Nesher Puppets (Isreal)

Larry Reed

Leo and Dora Velleman (Canada)

Bruce Schwartz

Albrecht Roser(Germany)

Dick Myers

Bob Baker

Fran Dowie(Canada)

Frank Paris

Nancy H Cole

Rona Casey

*17 shows*

*1967 **Waterloo** ONT Canada-Ken Wyndham (first in **Canada**)*

Toronto Guild

Daniel Llords

Ron Herrick

Micheline Legendre Les Marionettes de Montreal

Carol Fijan

Sister Corona

George Creegan

Hurvinek & Spebil (Czechoslovakia)

Lewis Mahlmann

Tom Harrison (Canada)

Erica Melchior

Jacques Chenais (France)

Jim Menke

Rod Young

Joe Ayers

Wonderland Puppets-Alice Swann and Nancy Schmale

Cabaret: Erika Melchoir, Carol Fijan, Michiko Tagawa (Japan)

and special guests: Lenora Shpet & Viktor Afanasiev (Russia, Henryk
Jurkowski (Poland)

*16 shows*

* *

*1957 **Los Angeles** **CA** UCLA. Mel Helstein & John Zweers (first in

(from a program by Alan Cook)

Ralph Chesse

Blanding Sloan

Lesslelli(Leslie and Ellie Heath)

Bob Baker

Lewis Mahlmann

Tony Urbano

Aurora Valentinetti

Howard Mitchell

George and Elizabeth Merten (Canada)

Romain and Ellen Proctor

Frank Herman

Oscar Patterson

Robert Mason

Cabaret:Bertha Walsworth, John Zweers, Vera Leeper, Margaret Fickling

Jr League

Robert & Edith Williams

Ray Mount

Spence & Alan Gilmore

Elizabeth Merten & Nancy Hazell (Canada)

*22 shows*

* *

*1947 **St Louis** **MO** Leona Thompson*

Burr Tillstrom

Martin Stevens

Marjorie Batchelder

Dick Myers

Basil Milovsoroff

Jr League

*6 shows*

* *

*1937 **Cincinnati** **OH** Martin & Olga Stevens*

126 registered

*Puppeteers of **America**, founded*

Martin Stevens

Rufus & Margo Rose

Marjorie Batchelder

Romain & Ellen Proctor

Walter Wilkinson (England)

Basil & Georgia Milovsoroff / Rufus & Marqo Rose/

Variety: Burr Tillstrom, Charles Mack (Punch & Judy),Mary Dean

and improvised Cinderella by Bill Duncan, Otto Kunze, Paul McPharlin,
Romaine Proctor, Don Vestal

*7 shows*

* *

* *
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