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Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 23:36:27 EDT
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] any shows in NY?

Puppets On The Sound is in full-swing right now. One hour from New York  
City, the Puppet Exhibit at the Huntington Arts Council Petite Gallery opened  
last night, featuring: Chester the Rat astride an egg beater from "Muppets Take  
Manhattan," on loan from the Jim Henson Legacy. Also three beautiful figures 
by  Rufus and Margo Rose, one of Bil Baird's duplicates of the Scheherezade 
figure  famously featured in his book, and other artists including Paul Andrejco, 
Taiwan  Happy Puppetry Company, Alice Wallace, John Kurten, Rhondi Casey, 
Elizabeth  Yaari, Nick Coppola, Steven Widerman and an entire kulit Javanese 
shadow puppet  theater with instruments on loan from Tamara Fielding, plus several 
puppets from  Cheryl Henson's private collection.
Concurrently, there is an exhibit of photos in the lobby of the Cinema Arts  
Centre by John Barrett, staff photographer for Henson for many years. 
Friday evening will feature a FREE performance by Tamara Fielding with her  
Javanese shadow theater complete with gamalon orchestra and dancers. Darn, I  
have to miss it because I will be at the Rampage in St. Paul!
Check for dates and times of upcoming events including two evenings of  The 
Puppet Slam Cafe and Heather Henson's films--Handmade Puppet  Dreams at Cinema 
Arts Centre: 
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I am in  Manhattan for a few days and wondered if anyone new of productions
here to  see? Thanks!

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