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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] "cook" your paper question in Vol 32, Issue 57

"...Do you "cook" your paper just for pulp, or do you do it also for strips?

If so, how?"



Hi Mathieu and the list.

Re cooking paper for papier mache:

I learned to use fairly large pieces of torn brown paper soaked in water
overnight, then brought to a boil in a large canning pot. You "stir" the mix
during the cook time so all the paper is equally cooked. The heavy brown
paper becomes very supple and almost skin-like after a while when treated
this way. 

In the old days we wld laboriously tear up recycled brown bags, carefully
tearing off the cut edges. Nowadays I just go to the paper-mill once in a
while and indulge in a giant roll of heavy brown paper. It goes a long way
even with the giant puppet heads.

I also like cooked white-flour paste mixed with white glue [you could use
Welbond for this!]. The addition of white glue deters insects, rodents, and
quickens set up time. Basic kitchen chemistry...

*        Start with cold water in a pot with a good thick bottom. 

*        Sieve the flour in gradually, whisking to get rid of lumps and
stirring while you heat it slowly to a slow boil to avoid scorching. Keep
stirring with a big wooden spoon while it thickens until it's thick, then
remove from heat. It will thicken a bit more while cooling. 

*        Sieve it after it's cooled to eliminate any lumps. Whisking keeps
it fluffy.

*        Mix in the white glue till it's a consistency you like. 

*        If you make a big batch you need to store the paste + glue glop in
the fridge, to prolong its life. I use an ice-cream bucket with a lid. 

*        A teaspoon of powdered ALUM in the flour + white-glue mixture [from
a well-stocked grocery or drugstore] will prolong the life of the paste and
reduce the chance of mould growth or stinkiness. Some people use Oil of
Wintergreen instead - smells nice too.





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From: Mathieu Ren? <>

Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] papier m?che tips

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Hi Tina,


I never stopped using paper mache, but recenyl I started using toxic 

materials again, because the puppets required it, since I couldn't find any 

non toxic alternatives for contact cement.

This is about to change, thanks to Puptcrit people sharing their sources.



Do you "cook" your paper just for pulp, or do you do it also for strips?

If so, how?





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