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Sorry folks, it was my turn to press the wrong button, (my senility showing)
The previous message was a private one intended for John Dudley
Ray DaSilva

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I noted a few days ago that someone on this list was asking about  
Walter Wilkinson and his visit to Australia.
I live in the area where he lived in the West Country of England and  
I have been making enquiries.
When he died he left a quantity of information in some cases which  
were handed to a puppeteer who lived close by called Steven Walker.
He has moved away but I managed to track him down and last evening  
had a long chat with him. He now lives at Burnham on Sea in Somerset.
He told me he still does Punch on the beach at week-ends and also at  
the Covent Garden Festival in London in May.
He does have all the Walter Wilkinson manuscripts for the books,  
including the book for his trip to Australia which had never been  
edited and the frontage of the Peepshow.
I asked Steven whether he would get it published and apparently a  
relative of Walter would not give permission. He told me that he  
lectures on the subject and is writing a book about him, which has  
taken a couple of years so far. I enquired whether he wished to sell  
any of the material, but he wishes to keep it.
He gave me his eMail address which is .
I hope this information helps.

John Dudley
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