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Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2007 10:23:39 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] wedding ideas

This did not seem to make it to the list, so I'm resending it-- sorry 
to anyone who does see it twice! This version is a little more detailed 
in any event.-- SPK

Dear Suzanne,

I myself will be performing a puppet show for my sister's wedding in 
November. While satirizing marriage itself may be risky at a wedding... 
it could be done! I've done a translation of a 19th century puppet play 
about marriage which will be coming out in a book, in both French and 
English, next month. It's very violent, and more than a little cynical!

And I think it's funny as well.   (The book, by the way, from Canada's 
Charlemagne Press of Mr Luman Coad, with illustrations by The Old 
Trouts puppeteer Judd Palmer, and puppets by Petr and Katia Rezac, is 
called "The Merchant of Blows-with-a-Stick and Other Plays by Louis 
Duranty.") The  script I was thinking of is called, "The Marriage of 
Reason," and was written for Pierrot and Madame Triffouillon. It's a 
French Punch & Judy, though whether I'll stage it at my sister's 
wedding, I can't yet say.  It may be a little too raw.

There could, however, be some very positive puppetry elements at a 
wedding -- cherubs sailing above the happy couple with a ribbon banner, 
etc.  Animated flowers and puppet hearts could take part....  I 
remember reading that marionette angels could prove distracting in 
medieval churches when they appeared to blow out candles the priest or 
altar servers had just lit... the puppets were so funny, the Church 
ended up putting them out.

An after service party, later in the evening at the reception, could be 
very raucous and naughty. Right now I'm planning to at least do a show 
for the children during the reception's open bar cocktail hour, which 
might not be naughty in the same way as the evening show, n'est ce pas?


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The wedding is April of next year, at Longwood Gardens in PA.

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