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My liver is fine, but my nervous system is shot. (Some parts are effectively
dead)  Take the word of those who have played and don't take chances.  (Of
course in my case there was also exposure to Toluene and a variety of other
chemicals commonly --at that time--used by theatre types and puppeteers.)
Limit your exposure to anything that you're not SURE about, and when you do
have exposure use Positive ventilation processes, proper gloves (Latex melts
in some chemicals) and breathing apparatus (not a dust mask).  Remember the
limitations of Wikipedia. 
Richard Johnson

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Thanks Stephen,

I looked up the keywords "acetone on liver" and found this more neutral page

of information.

Once again, information was bent and filtered to the will of the people who 
want to look good so they can profit at other people's expense (Dow 

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