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Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2007 10:02:57 -0700
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] wedding ideas


I have done several weddings over the years. In most instances I have 
known the couple and was able to personalize the show. My favorite 
was my close friend Erik who had been living with Rosalind for many 
years ( she had  contracted cancer but was in remission then).  Erik 
was an owner of many houses and a contractor. He did all the upkeep 
and my partner Susan and I worked  for him often. He was very quirky 
and you always had to do things to his precise dictates. Rosalind was 
one the first woman architects in Portland to be recognized by the 
male run offices. Both were extremely bright.

Susan and I decided to do a show built around their writing a 
marriage contract prior to the wedding
filled with Erik's quirky demands. I built personality sock puppets 
of them which was our wedding present  to them. I also did one for a 
couple of my nephews friends who had dogs and the show was built 
around how they were get along after the marriage. Two were lively 
Boston Terriers and one a mutt. It too was well received. I also do 
personality puppets of one of two cast members when ever I do
stage show. Most of the time I work from my experience with the 
people and really personalize the puppets. Attached are a few 

>I would like to have a puppet show at my wedding. There will only be adults 
>attending. Does anyone know of shows that satire marriage? Thanks for any 
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