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Subject: [Puptcrit] Li-Qua-Che workshop

Bill has been using this product for a while and it is non toxic with some
shrinkage but not much on a small head, say for a marionette, however the
larger the head the more shrinkage. I was left with the impression that he
uses Le-Qua-Che for masks, props, marionettes, hand or rod puppets and even
with animated eyes & mouths but we didn't have time to cover that. He had a
beautiful 4 part molded hand with separate fingers and great detail to show


I was worried that moving eyes or a moving mouth would collapse...or that
pulling a string which is attached to the mouth then up in the head would
just pull out after a while. I could build an amature but I sure miss


Bill had a beautiful neutral designed head that he molded in plasticine,
cast in plaster and then poured the Liquache and created the puppet head. It
was light weight, great for painting, good detail and by pouring more
product could be thicker! 


THE BIG NEWS was that he takes damp Li-Qua-Che and creates detail. That's
why we worked on a neutral head; we could model with the product to add
character! Now that was cool!


I just thought Punch and Judy were out of the question in this product! And
I was taught to OVERBUILD or build puppets like tanks that can take a decade
of touring ~ which is how things are turning out!


Call directly to the company for a fact sheet:

Activa Products Inc.

512 S. Garrett

Marshall, TX 75670 USA



ONE LAST WARNING, leave the product in the mold over night or longer if it's
humid not just the 15 or 45 minutes in the instructions. The product will
start to pull away from the plaster at the pour hold to indicate it's cured.

Perhaps someone else in the class coud offer something? 


Ann Legunn

-AT- the PuppeTree 





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Can you tell us a little of what you learned in the seminar? I am  

curious for what applications he thought it was best.


By the way, it does not seem to age at all.




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