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Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 11:01:44 -0400
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Subject: [Puptcrit] Puppet theatres as wedding accessories

Hi all,

On June 30th I produced/directed my niece's wedding. The hall we used
was abuilding owned by the historical society in Brown County IN that
sort of resembled a cross between a parish hall and a roller rink. So it
had to be extensively decorated, although one could not touch the art or
antiques on every wall and above the raised stage where the ceremony was
to take place.

Needless to say. the bride, having been largely raised in New Jersey,
felt the homey 4 by 6 foot acrylic landscape of a farmer plowing his
field nestled at the back of ceremonial stage was, politely, "less than
desirable." See room/painting at
No worries, you have a puppeteer as a wedding planner. 

I took a tall hand puppet stage and temporarily converted it to a
screen. We measured the proscenium area at the top of the stage and used
a frame chopper to make 2 by 2 wood frames to fill in the performance
area. These were attached and hinged with cable ties.  The stage was
turned backwards and hooked Velcro was stapled across the top of each
panel. The curtain to cover was gathered and then hot glued to the back
of a strip of fuzzy Velcro. Tulle streamers were stapled to the top and
hung from the ceiling.

My other stage, both secondhand from Rick Morse, was used to block The
Forest Kelp Village stage right. I put the normal curtain on it and then
threw a red table cloth over it. Yeah the bride wanted a blood red
wedding with a little white. The screen was black and red. I wondered
how many other weddings might have had 2 puppet theaters in the

Best wishes!
Terri Klingelhoefer
Primary Player
Klingel-Engle Puppets
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