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Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2007 21:47:39 GMT
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Lili puppets on youtube

Hey Mark, I guess that means you saw the whole youtube bit, so you are ahead of me. Way back when I was at the station, Mollie Falkenstein watched the show from Laguna Beach in Orange County while I was in Hollywood, Los Angeles County. So that is three people who saw it. Maybe my mom saw it too. My ratings may be bigger this time on youtube.

Because of the youtube posting, i checked out and checked out the part about the Pelham versions (Nov 1953) of the Lili puppets which I did not even know about til long after they were made. Well, being drafted into the U.S. Army in Dec. 1953 had something to do with that lack of knowledge.

In the Pelham history notes about the Lili puppets, it mentions the film being made in 1952, but does not mention that it was released in summer of 1953 when I saw it.
It was a "must-see film" for most puppeteers. The site also leaves out that Wolo, author/illustrator of many children's books and puppeteer, was the fourth puppeteer. Carlyle O'Rourke (half of Walton & O'Rourke who made the puppets) is credited, but had not used his first name for decades, and went by Michael or Mickey O'Rourke, which is how we all knew him.

His sister in Seattle WA always just called him "brother". She wrote a reminiscence of a family trip to Alaska which I think was printed in pamphlet form either by a Seattle Art Museum or history museum. 

And Mickey said the first puppet show he ever saw was the Mantell Manikins from Everett WA, which appeared in vaudeville shows in the USA and in three foreign tours. Bil Baird as a kid also saw the Mantells (previously posted on puptcrit).

When Paul Walton & Michael O'Rourke were appearing in night clubs in Spain, after the 1953 release of Lili, they were surprised to hear "Hi Lili, Hi Lo" played by sidewalk cafe musicians.


While I was at Ft Rley KS, the Lili movie was paired with a Garbo/Robt Taylor CAMILLE for a Valentines Day in 1955 in Manhattan KS, so I got to see it again.


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It was also your pre Gandolf days   :)
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> What a surprise to learn I'm on youtube with the 3 "Lili" puppets. That 
> must have been around 35 years ago, was shot and broadcast live on Family 
> Film Festival at KTLA Los Angeles (Channel 5).
> Earlier that day I had visited puppeteer Mollie Falkenstein at her home in 
> Laguna Beach and had to drive like hell to get to the studio ontime (these 
> days with increased congestion on freeways, I'd never have made it ).
> Family Film Festval showed "LILI" at least twice. I can't remember how Tom 
> Hatton  came to contact me to be on the show. Perhaps a contact with Bob 
> Baker, who knows both Tom & me?
> Years later I was invited to a fancy dinner which included a puppet show 
> in a highrise deluxe restaurant near UCLA. At the dinner table, Tom sat 
> across from me, and I mentioned being on his Film Festival program with 
> the Lili puppets. In the days of black & white TV, Tom did a cartoon 
> drawing host gig on the Popeye show, and like Popeye, was dressed as a 
> sailor. I saw him at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in the cast of ANNIE 
> many years later. (He was good).
> Well, my msntv system did not allow me to see the full youtube clip today. 
> I just saw the first part with Tom, then saw the camera pan to the 3 LILI 
> puppets and to me and then my system crashed---the screen went black as it 
> fainted from overwork.
> So I have never seen the full bit, not when it was broadcast live over 30 
> years ago, and only part of it today. So much for fame--even 15 minute (or 
> less) versions of it. But it is nice to know that my old friend Bruce 
> could see the whole thing and remind me that my hair was not always gray 
> to white.
> A note to younger puppet folk---get documented as often as you can--maybe 
> 30 some years from now, you too can prove your hair used to be darker or 
> blonder or redder.
> Maybe I can get somebody at Conservatory of Puppetry Arts to show me the 
> whole interview on Wednesday. There is better equipment there.
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