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Thanks for the information Susan!

I just called them and what they are looking for is a Mascot of a large
fluffy dog... unfortunately I have to pass on this project.  =(   However,
here is some additional information that she provided to me during our
That's a link to a kids coloring book that they have available online. Pass
through the pages until you come to Perro (Dog).

Also, this link is supposed to have a video of the character but I couldn't
get it to work. Maybe you'll have better luck:

Jascenda's e-mail:
Phone # (again): 404-881-5130

Georgia Public Broadcasting main website:

Good Luck Everyone!
-Michele Sovereign

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All, I just got a call from Jascenda at Georgia Public Broadcasting.
They are looking for someone to make a 'big dog' puppet for them for the
show 'Salsa'.  They need it by this time next year.  Please call her
directly at 404-685-2413 if you are interested or have any questions.


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