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I look forward to seeing Janie and Susan's work on Thursday, January l7th.
If others will be attending that evening, let me know. 
Carol Sterling

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This is worth seeing if you are in NYC area---another contemporary take on
Toy Theater and Frankenstein --lots of nice touches from Janie Geiser &
Susan Simpson.



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Dear Friends of Automata,
Frankenstein: Mortal Toys is opening in New York next week.We would love it
if you would spread the word to your friends and family in the area. Below
are the details. Please forward it on to any who might be interested.
Susan and Janie                              At Here Art Center in New York
January 8 - January19

A Project of Automata
       Directed and Designed by Janie Geiser and Susan Simpson
       Written by Eric Ehn with Theatre Yugan
       Based on the novel by Mary Shelley
Presented by HERE?s Dream Music Puppetry Program (Basil Twist, Director)
Follow the haunted alpine journey of Victor Frankenstein as he confronts the
loneliness and rage of his alienated monster. This sublime  miniature
spectacle features puppets based on 18th Century portrait paintings, lush
sets inspired by Romantic era landscape painting, and an evocative musical
score by Severin Behnen.
The LA Times lauded this ?production of ultra-restrained elegance and
arresting beauty,?and LA Weekly raved: ?Despite its diminutive scale,
Frankenstein rivals Hollywood films in its ability to sweep viewers into
another world, a world so carefully crafted that you can?t help but lean
forward, entranced, as the story draws you toward its haunting conclusion.?
Jan. 8 - 14 , 16 - 19 -AT- 7pm, Jan. 12, 13, 19 -AT- 2pm
At HERE Arts Center, 145 6th  Ave, NYC. * Tickets: $20, $15 students with ID

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