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Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 16:53:48 -0500
Subject: [Puptcrit] Puppet Website to inspire!

Hi people. I have been a fan of the Puppet101 blog for a while now, but never had thought of looking at the originating company's website!

Oh my!
What a discovery!

One of my dreams is to see our Art out of the underground, into the open, so that most people know we are still alive, active, and creating dreams, live before people's eyes! This because when I mention what work I do, I get surprised reactions, and amazement that someone can make a living at it, even more so when they learn there are many companies active locally.
Since people automatically turn to TV for entertainment and information about it, and most puppet companies have (or think they have) no budget for tv commercials, it is no surprise TVwatchers don't  hear about puppetry.

The Net could help change that underground state.

For this, I like to share information to companies and collegues, trying to find good examples of what would make it possible.

On the internet plane, it seems to me that most puppet companies seem to be late in making appealing, efficient websites.
I sure am one of those lacking, having downsized to a blog. Time and money constraints seem to be the main arguments against making it all possible.

For years I have been hoping to find a puppet company's website that would look great and appealing, have lots of information, especially behind the scenes, all the while making customers want to book the shows.

Well, I think Swazzle's may have it all!  It is sleek, colorful, engaging, easy to navigate. Were I the one booking a show for a venue, I would consider them seriously. I think we can learn a lot from their example.  Of course, having such a website implies having a good webperson working a lot of hours, regularly, on it. Note to self: marry a webperson or become one.

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