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Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 15:00:24 -0500
Subject: [Puptcrit] Training Opportunities?

Hi all.
I have finally decided to embark on the Bursary application bandwagon, and find I might be admissible to a few possibilities for funding.
However, I find it harder to find a selection of work-training opportunities to choose from.

I am sometimes in need of specific advanced methods that are not taught where I am located. I can always learn it by myself with books, descriptions, and videos, but my preference is to learn with people who have done it before. I now have a valid passport, and recently found out I love travelling to different places and meet people. To combine study, work and travel would be ideal for me!

It could be within a festival, a convention.
It could be a work program, where I would work for an established  puppet company (bursary pays for my salary and expenses).
It could be a one-on-one apprenticeship we could setup specifically (the bursary would pay for my expenses and pay the instructor).
It could possibly be anywhere on Earth, provided it's a peaceful place, not at war.
I'm even interested in training off-planet, if this is available and the training is interesting.

I'm interested in many things, but specifically looking for these types of opportunities/training:
- Puppet, mask, accessory and set building.
- Puppeteer training (any style)
- Puppeteer performing, in a fixed location or touring (bursary-funded, or maybe get hired normally). I have two intensive puppeteering training workshops (Traditional Hand Puppets, various puppets) and one short tour (shadow puppets) under my belt.

The opportunity could be already setup with official channels, or we could make it happen, if you are an organisation or an independant artist with teaching experience. 

If could be offered by:
-Individual artist who offer training
-Companies that offer training
-Schools that offer intensive training

So, who and what can you recommend in the preceding categories?

Why do I continue to learn, why do I constantly train?  First and foremost because I want and love to grow as an artist, but also...
My dream is to find a steady place in the world of Puppetry, to find a company that I could be permanent part of, both as puppet creator and performer. It does not need to be in Canada. If it fits, I'm there. So I'd be willing to relocate.

Thanks for any pointers!

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