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    I am sorry to hear about your accident, both my wife Michelle and I wish 
you all the best.
Mark Carrigan
The Puppet People
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Subject: [Puptcrit] Jim Gamble's accident

> From Jim Gamble:
> On Oct. 13th I had a single bike accident in Santa Barbara in which I
> suffered a MBI injury.  That's a Mild Brain Intrusion Injury.  As a
> result of a 7-10 day coma, scratches and other damage I've been
> slowly recovering with the aid 24/7 of care givers and multiple
> therapies: occupational, eye, cognitive, etc.  BUT I am improving and
> hope to be back in my studio in another month to continue my work.
> Thankfully my daughter, Wendy and my wife, Marty have taken over
> running our company during my absence and with the capable assistance
> of Carol, our office manager and our wonderful puppeteers, John
> Chambers, Tait Hill, Ivana Tomaier, Larry Gilleland, Keith Wassmuth,
> Ellen Schluze, Gerald James, Austyn Wells and former company
> puppeteers, Greg Ballora and many others we have survived the
> Halloween and Christmas seasons intact and are moving forward.
> My only problem seems to be memory. I can't remember my puptcrit
> passsord or Name. which I think was Jimsan 777.  If anyone can help
> please email me at
> I am making progress daily and hope to be back performing soon.  I
> have many unfinished projects inspired by recent trips to Israei,
> Serbia and Belarus, but I'm taking it slow and easy.   Thank you for
> your concern, your emails, cards and letters.  Having friends far and
> wide have been an inspriation.  Sincererly      Jim Gamble aka jimsan.
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