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Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 00:00:25 -0500
Subject: [Puptcrit] New advanced sock puppets

Hi all.

I'm on my second generation of advanced sock puppets.
I dare say "advanced", because that's what they are, compared to the regular sock puppets. Comfort, ease of use, versatily of expressions without the unpredicatability of the common mouthplate-less sock puppet. The skull shapes are also much less limited, since I've been using a hard partial skull inside, and a variety of mouthplate shapes and firmness levels. Closer to a Muppet-type, except that it is extremely fast and easy to make, and does not require sewing (it could include it if one wanted to).
My mouthplates are all made of fun foam, only i use two types, depending on what stiffness I need. The stiffest is taken from foam pads for the floor, in the shape of squarish puzzle pieces. Often sold as pads for the playroom.

See the newborn puppets by scrolling down the page a little bit, it's the Tigrebleu and the pink worm-like alien thingy called Henrietta.
Don't ask me where they get such strange names, I'm just the one writing down what they tell me it is.

More written explanations next to the pics.
Click on pics to enlarge and see better.

Comments and questions are welcome.

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