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Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 20:18:12 -0500
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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] New advanced sock puppets

Matthieu, they are both very cute........look like something I would make

Mary Horsley

On 1/14/08 12:00 AM, "Mathieu René" <> wrote:

> Hi all.
> I'm on my second generation of advanced sock puppets.
> I dare say "advanced", because that's what they are, compared to the regular
> sock puppets. Comfort, ease of use, versatily of expressions without the
> unpredicatability of the common mouthplate-less sock puppet. The skull shapes
> are also much less limited, since I've been using a hard partial skull inside,
> and a variety of mouthplate shapes and firmness levels. Closer to a
> Muppet-type, except that it is extremely fast and easy to make, and does not
> require sewing (it could include it if one wanted to).
> My mouthplates are all made of fun foam, only i use two types, depending on
> what stiffness I need. The stiffest is taken from foam pads for the floor, in
> the shape of squarish puzzle pieces. Often sold as pads for the playroom.
> See the newborn puppets by scrolling down the page a little bit, it's the
> Tigrebleu and the pink worm-like alien thingy called Henrietta.
> Don't ask me where they get such strange names, I'm just the one writing down
> what they tell me it is.
> More written explanations next to the pics.
> Click on pics to enlarge and see better.
> Comments and questions are welcome.
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