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Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 20:47:01 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] New advanced sock puppets

Matthieu, they are both very cute........look like something I would make

Mary Horsley

Thanks Mary.
"Cute" is a category I have been exploring for at least a year. And it 
wasn't all a choice, lots of the recent puppetmaking contracts were calling 
for it.

I'll be working to reach another level soon, which I shall call 

I've succeeded at "ugly", "ugly but cute", "so cute it's ugly", and "how 
One day' I'd like to make a "truly repulsive" puppet.

I love a challenge.

Hint Hint:  anybody out there who wants a specific type of puppet, no matter 
the "look" you're after, or even the subject matter, think of yours truly. 
I'm the kind of creator that loves to no have style boundaries.

One time when I mentionned this, it didn't fall in a deaf ear: a collegue, 
next time he called me for a puppetmaking contract, started by asking wether 
I'd be willing to make a huge penis puppet out of silicone. I said I could, 
provided the time and the right budget for supplies. Not the answer he was 
expecting, he was totally joking.
He ordered much more conservative puppets.
They were fun to make, so I wasn't too sad at the missed opportunity for 
shocking value.

And yes, shocking puppets are also on my list of challenges to build.

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