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Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 20:48:54 +1000
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] New advanced sock puppets

Whats so funny about a Penis Puppet?
There was some discussion re: the show Dinasours recently...the Puppet 
builder for that was Phillip Millar who has a GREAT show about a small penis 
that wants to be bigger...Tyrannosaurus Sex.... (course language warning on some of the 

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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] New advanced sock puppets

> Matthieu, they are both very cute........look like something I would make
> myself!
> Mary Horsley
> ---------
> Thanks Mary.
> "Cute" is a category I have been exploring for at least a year. And it
> wasn't all a choice, lots of the recent puppetmaking contracts were 
> calling
> for it.
> I'll be working to reach another level soon, which I shall call
> "attractive".
> I've succeeded at "ugly", "ugly but cute", "so cute it's ugly", and "how
> odd".
> One day' I'd like to make a "truly repulsive" puppet.
> I love a challenge.
> Hint Hint:  anybody out there who wants a specific type of puppet, no 
> matter
> the "look" you're after, or even the subject matter, think of yours truly.
> I'm the kind of creator that loves to no have style boundaries.
> One time when I mentionned this, it didn't fall in a deaf ear: a collegue,
> next time he called me for a puppetmaking contract, started by asking 
> wether
> I'd be willing to make a huge penis puppet out of silicone. I said I 
> could,
> provided the time and the right budget for supplies. Not the answer he was
> expecting, he was totally joking.
> He ordered much more conservative puppets.
> They were fun to make, so I wasn't too sad at the missed opportunity for
> shocking value.
> And yes, shocking puppets are also on my list of challenges to build.
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