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Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 09:47:14 -0800 (PST)
To: Alan Cook <>
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Zink marionettes & Israeli Festival 2007

Alan and others with intense interest in puppetry (this turns out to be a very long post.)  Jim Gamble

 I'm just now getting to over 2000 messages appearing in my Puptcrit Mail box after my accident and my suddenly remembering my user ID and password.  I didn't send a writeup on the Israeli Puppet Festival which in opinion was one of the best ever. I met the President of UNIMA there and of course many old friends from other Festivals.  They were celebrating their new Puppet Cultural Center which was envied by all.  I see by the date you wrote this email was long before my accident, but my long term memory is stll great.

Outstanding performances were given by the two German puppeteers one named Marc, and the trio from Spain." Trek y Trek"  There were many others from Israel and other European countries.  Weather was excellent for the out of doors Festival, but they have a new inside venue too for about 500 and a museum.  I must review my programs to comment on the various acts and groups who performed. (unfortunetly programs are in Hebrew, which makes it difficult for me to read.)  All in all, it was an excellent Festival and I was treated like Royalty...with VIP reception at the door of the airplane!!!! (as it turned out, Karen who accompanied me on this and many other trips knew some of the crew....who were surprised to find us completing passport control, etc. as they arrived at that station.  Imagine the crew being second in line to "puppeteers!"  We had escorts for every outing, for every ride from the hotel to the center and return.  We were never in any danger,
 the organizing committee took excellent care of us.  M thanks to Ilan Savir and his staff for excellent treatment.  (Some may remember some of the organizing committee who attended the UNIMA meeting in Atlanta a few years back.

Now, a comment or two about Zink marionettes.  In 1966, during my last few weeks in the Air Force I met Frau Zink in Frankfurt, Germany.  She wanted to give me some of her marionettes to insure "future life" of her well-loved characters. I still have most of those she gave to me.  They were German- styled marionettes with solid carved heads about 18 inches in height.  I was surprised that she gave them to ME instead of offering them to a German Museum.  There were some early 20th century posters and a number of characters from various plays.  At the time I circulated info about Zink Marionettes but before the age of internet got very little response.  I gave one or two away to collectors, but still have most of characters.  I asked my German puppeteer friends about Zink Marionettes but they were unknown to the younger German puppeteers. Perhaps someone now will post info, since pupcrit is read internationally.

I have heard from puppeteers from around the world sending thei best wishes for my speedy recovery.  just yesterday I heard form Ray and Joan DaSilva in England (many of you know them) we discussed out meetings in England in 1956, in Japan in 1980 and at other Festivals in America.  Puppetry can bring personal relationships together over many, many years.  Although I just turned 70, Ray reminded me he is older, enjoying excellent health, living in a small town in England...and also a bike rider!!!  Jim Gamble

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Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2007 9:28:39 AM
Subject: Re: Zink marionettes

Can you send a report to Puppet Life on the Israel booking?

By the by, in my lecture at St Paul Library yesterday I showed a pic of
 your Pinocchio and mentioned that as far as I know, you have to be the
 most widely travelled puppeeer ever.

I welcome any info on the Zink puppets.

A few weeks ago I thought I would be able to rescue wood crates of an
 incomplete  "Storm at Sea" used by Prof Till's Vaudeville marionette
 troupe. The heir was anxious to leave Salem MA and return to FL--Greyhound
 would not take the crates so she junked them without telling me of the
 shipping problem. IF I hasd known, I think I could have had Boston
 puppeteers go get the stuff--would have made a great RESTORATION project
 and I think could have gotten grant funding---not exactly a puppet
 show---more like puppet scenery without puppets--and a bit like
 pre-newsreels of disasters. It may have been the last one to survive, which makes
 me sick---so close to being saved. And the heir's father had spent
 decades working on it in spare time.

Another sad example of lost history.

I can only do what I CAN do.

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From: Jim Gamble
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2007 8:45 AM
To: Alan Cook
Subject: Re: Zink marionettes

Dear Alan,

I'm sorry not to be in St. Paul also, but I was there
a couple of years ago, and it's been since 2001 since
I performed in Israel.....c'est la vie!  Let me know
how the Fest is....

sincerely, Jim 

--- Alan Cook <> wrote:

> Hey Jim!
> I've just gotten home from St Paul tonight. Not too
> thrilled with Northwest Air---lots of cancellations,
> and on time 50% to boot.
> I marvel that I arrived in St Paul in time to
> install 30 puppets ar St Paul Central Public Library
> cases on 1st/3rd floors and did a talk Wed at noon.
> At least I got home as scheduled and my luggage
> arrived with me.
> An awful lot of people have been bitching about NWA
> including me, and I am not looking forward to using
> NWA in July to get to Fest. Sorry to hear I don't
> get to see you in St Paul.
> Well, the Library cases look good in St Paul and
> response has already been good even during
> installation Sun & Mon. Tuesday we worked on labels
> with help ftom Paul Eide & Wayne Kretzky. I did get
> to visit with them and 6 other Guild members Tues
> nite and visit In the Heart of the Beast Puppet &
> Mask Theater's facility including classroom space,
> office and storage space. They kindly lent a mask
> and a hand puppet for my library exhibit and I
> brought my Donald Cordry Clown with me on ths trip.
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> From: Jim Gamble
> Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2007 12:35 PM
> To:
> Subject: Zink marionettes
> Dear Alan,
> I love reading your posts....I don't know if I
> mentioned or not, but during my final year at Rhein
> Main, Germany (USAF) this young Captain (me) was
> contaced by Frau Zink, the last of a line of family
> marionettists who must have been working prior to
> WWII.  She wanted to do something with her
> marionettes
> and gave a number of them to me.  I have not been
> able
> to learn much about the Zink Marionetten, but I
> think
> I may have shown you a poster.  (Maybe I can find
> something on the web.)
> I really have no use for them, but I think they are
> still packed away near where I had the Coleman
> marionettes.  Do you know anything about them?
> Best regards, Jim
> BTW, I'll be performing for the Holon Puppet Theater
> Festival near Tel Aviv during the same week as PoA
> Fest.  (Baring all out war, that is.)  Sorry, I
> cannot
> be in two places at once. I know you were in the
> Army
> about 1954-56, because we met in Bowling Green a
> that
> time, but where were you stationed?  Did you get the
> opportunity to visit Europe during your Army years? 
> I
> remember Jim Menke went into the Army about the same
> time and spent most of his time working on USO
> shows.
> Luck of the draw, I suppose.
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