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Subject: [Puptcrit] A fellow puppeteer in Kenya...

I had just been emailing this puppeteer when the violence broke out.  Please keep him in your thoughts.  I've included here a link to a PDF about a performance Michael was involved in recently.

Alan Cook requested that I forward this to the PuppetCrit list.

Many thanks!


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I'm really touched by your concern. Thank you so much. In Kenya Every thing is at a stand still. People are being killed on a daily basis by police and other rivals. Tribes have turned against each other. at first people who belong to the sittig president's tribe were being Butchered and others being burnt in churches and in houses and most of them have been displaced. This is the  Gikuyu tribe and by the way thats my tribe only that i'm in Nairobi and people in our place have not turned against each other that much.

this is happening because the president rigged the ellections and most of the people who voted for him were the Gikuyus and so its seen as " they are in power illegally." 

Police are killing at will and most parts of the country are very tense at the momment though we are praying that things get back to normal very soon. Most of the bussinesses have closed though in some parts things are still moving.

As a puppetry team we are planing to come up with productions to bring people together and to help others to start healing though i believe we also need abit of counselling. we are just waiting for the situation to cool down first. we are looking for ways of staging commuity performances where by we will involve all the tribes and supporters of all political parties as a way of reuniting them.

By the way i have decided not to vote again in my life because of what i have seen in those few days. some of the things we are seeing are just no right at all. 
But please pray for us. 

Thank you so much Leslie
Michael Mutahi 
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